Are you supervising techs and constantly documenting instead of treating patients?

Are you tired of compromising care in order to meet productivity demands?

Would you rather treat 8-12 patients per day without taking a pay cut?

Would you like to have full control of your work schedule? 

Do you have or are you willing to help establish your own referral sources?


If you answered yes to the above questions, we would love to have you join our team! Choice Physical Therapy is a small, privately-owned outpatient clinic looking for a motivated PT to join our team of experienced therapists. You will be employed as a contract therapist and paid per visit for the patients you treat. As a contract therapist, you will enjoy complete independence in a cooperative work environment. This includes full control over your work schedule, including time off and hours worked. You will be responsible in helping to build and maintain your own patient caseload through your referral sources and marketing contacts.


Our staff handles billing, benefit verification, and patient scheduling, as well as patient modalities and basic exercises as appropriate. Your job is to focus on one thing - providing the best care possible to each individual patient. Documentation is through our web-based EMR, allowing you to complete patient notes in the office or elsewhere, per your schedule and preference.

At Choice Physical Therapy, we are determined to provide the patient-centric care our patients deserve. If you are interested in leaving behind unreasonable productivity demands, congested scheduling, and the feeling that you can do more for your patients, lets talk.

If you are interested in learning more about the position, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.