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Home Modifications 

Would you like to stay in your home, but have found it inaccessible or unsafe due to aging, a progressive disability, or a sudden debilitating event? The correct home modifications can give you the independence you have been looking for! 

Home Modifications 

Our home modification services aim to meet the needs of clients who wish to stay in their homes as they age, following a injury, or as a disabling condition progresses. The program consists of a physical exam of the client to identify their specific functional limitations and adaptive needs. We then perform a thorough home evaluation to identify the modifications that will need to be made to ensure the client can remain safe and functional within their home.


Following the evaluation, the client will be given a written report detailing our recommendations so they can make sound decisions on which, if any, of the modifications they wish to make. Modifications can range from minor changes, such as the installation of adaptive equipment, to major home renovations. If the client decides to make modification to their home we will assist them in locating the equipment and resources required to make the changes. If needed, we can even oversee the home renovations or the installation of adaptive equipment to ensure it is done correctly.


Research shows that 90% of adults over the age of 65 would prefer to stay in their home as they age. Fortunately, doing so has never been easier. In the past 10 years significant technological and product advancements have made aging in place safer and more practical than ever. 

The loss of function one experiences as they age is typically gradual. You are likely to find that tasks which you perform easily today will become more difficult and potentially even unsafe in the future. Therefore, when making modifications to your home to ensure it is safe and comfortable for the long term, you must have a full understanding of the functional limitations that accompany aging. As physical therapists, we have the expertise required to ensure your home modifications are not only appropriate for today, but will remain appropriate as you age.


Adaptations for aging in place can include improved lighting, removing trip hazards such as high thresholds, kitchen remodeling for improved accessibility of dishes and appliances, bathroom remodeling to ensure a safe environment, a ramp into your home, and much more. Because functional limitations occur gradually with age, modifications can typically be performed in stages, spreading out the cost over years and limiting the financial burden of performing the recommended modifications all at once.


Each client will have unique needs, and those needs can only be assessed appropriately by a healthcare professional with a full understanding of the functional limitations that accompany aging. 



You may find your home inaccessible or unsafe due to a progressive disability or a sudden debilitating injury. Making adequate home modifications to eliminate barriers requires a comprehensive evaluation of your condition and a thorough understanding of your physical limitations. As experienced physical therapists, we are able to appropriately assess your needs and recommend the modifications required to make your home accessible and safe.


Modification will vary greatly depending on your disability, but we can handle anything from installing minor adaptive equipment to complete home remodeling for non-ambulatory clients. If your family is involved in your care, we will even assess their needs to make sure the home environment is comfortable and functional for everyone involved. 


Knowledge matters

Most aging in place services are offered by contractors or construction companies with no specific knowledge of how aging or disability affects one's function and mobility within their home. Although they may consult with a physical therapist, their lack of specific knowledge often results in the recommendation of "cookie cutter" solutions that fail to fully meet the needs of their clients. In other words, they make recommendations based on a set of guidelines instead of your unique needs. 


As physical therapists, we have an in-depth understanding of the functional limitations that accompany aging and disabilities, whether sudden or progressive. Therefore, we are able to recommend individualized home modifications that are truly specific to your needs. Our recommendations are based on your personal limitations, which will be determined by comprehensive physical evaluation. 

You will be fully informed

Following your physical exam and home evaluation, a written report detailing our findings and recommended solutions will be provided.

The report will outline the benefit of each recommendation so you will fully understand why certain modifications or adaptive equipment are necessary to make your home both functional and safe. The report will also rank each modification according to urgency, which is very important if you are on a limited budget. The report will help you make sound decisions as to which modifications you want to make immediately, and which ones could wait. 


Once you have had a chance to review the report, we will meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Your peace of mind is extremely important to us and we will spend whatever time is necessary to fully answer all your questions and address any concerns. 

Recommendations are not profit-driven 

Most aging in place companies make their money by performing the modifications or installing the adaptive equipment themselves. Therefore, the more modifications you make, the more money they make. This often leads to recommendations that are driven by profit, not need. Since we do not profit from the modifications we suggest, you can be confident our recommendations are based solely on your unique needs. 


Option 1: $370


Functional evaluation and general recommendations:

This service includes a comprehensive physical exam of the client to identify any functional limitations that may require adaptive equipment or home modifications. Following the evaluation, the client will be provided with a written report of our exam findings, along with general recommendations for adaptive equipment and home modifications needed to ensure they stay safe and functional within their home. Resources to assist with implementing our recommendations will also be provided. Clients can use the report and resources to make home modifications as they see fit.

Option 2: $840


Functional evaluation and full home assessment:

This includes everything offered in option 1, plus a complete home assessment. With this service, recommendations for adaptive equipment and home modifications will be specific to the client's home. A detailed report will be provided outlining our recommendations, along with resources to assist you with implementing the changes. The report will be individualized, detailing the specific modifications that should be made in each room of your home to facilitate function and safety.


Project planning:

For a set fee, which will vary depending on the scope of the modifications, we will assist with detailed project planning. This service is designed to eliminate any uncertainty the client may have in regards to implementing the home modifications we have recommended. We will work closely with the client to ensure the adaptive equipment and home modifications chosen will adequately address their safety and functional needs, while keeping the modifications as affordable as possible.

The service includes:

  1. Assistance with choosing the correct adaptive equipment and home modification options to best meet the client's unique needs.

  2. Assistance with designing a functional floor plan when significant home remodeling is required.

  3. Assistance with obtaining qualified contractors to ensure the modifications are done correctly and adaptive equipment is safely installed.

  4. Assistance with obtaining multiple project bids to ensure the modification are done at a reasonable cost.

  5. Assistance with prioritizing modifications to stay within your budget.

If you are interested in this service we will be happy to put together a cost proposal for your review. The proposal will outline in detail the service that will be provided and cost for the service. The cost will not change regardless of the time required to complete the planning phase. We do it this way so there are no surprises and you can budget accordingly.

Complete project oversight:

This section is currently under construction. Please check back later. 

Choice Physical Therapy is teaming up with HomeAid to offer its clients expert,  comprehensive services in home modifications for Aging-In-Place and disabilities. 



HomeAid is a full service consulting, design, and project management firm founded on a single mission: to create a safe and functional home environment so our clients can continue to enjoy the comfort and security of living at home.


After all, there is no place like home, and with 40+ years of clinical experience as physical therapists we are uniquely qualified to identify and eliminate barriers that can make a home inaccessible or unsafe due to aging, a progressive disability, or a sudden debilitating event.


Making appropriate home modifications requires a comprehensive evaluation of both the home and the resident. Unlike most home modification companies that make cookie cutter recommendations, we evaluate the resident to ensure the modifications we recommend meet their specific needs. Modifications will vary greatly depending on the resident. From installing minor adaptive equipment such as grab bars, to complete home remodeling for non-ambulatory clients, we are here to ensure your home is safe and accessible.

In addition to being physical therapists we are also Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) and have completed the Executive Certification in Home Modification (ECHM) from the University of Southern California's Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.

To learn more about HomeAid services please click the "learn More" button below. 

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