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Health & Fitness Coaching

Don't just change, evolve. Our program focuses on small, sustainable changes to improve your well-being, thereby optimizing your health for a longer, better life.

More Than Fitness

Most people know they should "eat better" and "work out more," but what exactly does that mean? How does it apply to you? And how do you fit it into your busy life or fit it around your chronic pain or disability?

You now have an option: Health & Fitness Coaching with an experienced Physical Therapist.  With Evolution Health Coaching, you don't have to worry about fad diets, unsustainable weight loss, perpetual soreness (or getting hurt from your exercise routine), unrealistic expectations, or judgment on any level.  We aim to help you live a balanced, healthy life through a program that's tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Health Coaching

We live in an age of information. We know more about health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition than ever before. Yet we have never been less healthy overall.  In this age of technology, research, and innovation, the US life expectancy has declined to the lowest it's been in two decades. Why the disparity?

Many people have health goals, but aren't sure how to achieve them. Some people don't even have goals yet but know something should probably be different in their life. Most people who search the internet and social media for anything related to health or fitness end up more confused than when they started.  

All that counter-information can quickly send you down the wrong course, or make you feel like it's not worth even trying because you can't match those perfect lifestyles, even if you could figure out how they do it.  THAT is where COACHING comes in.  

Your Health Coach will assess you as an individual, help develop your unique goals, filter the research for what is relevant for your situation, create a strategy that suites you personally, and guide you through each step, adjusting along the way as needed.

So, what exactly is health coaching? 

Developing, implementing, and adjusting a

step by step, individualized strategy to optimize your health and meet your unique goals

Why should I consult with a Health Coach?

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What makes EVOLUTION Health & Fitness different?


Since obtaining my PT license in 2007, I have worked in a wide array of clinical and fitness settings, seeing an even wider array of patients and clients. PTs are known as specialists in corrective exercise, and my continuing education has focused on topics that have further supported my personal and professional interest in seeking optimal health, for myself and my clients.


...but not evidence-bound. As with many things in life, there's an art in the science. Research can be very informative and helpful, but it must be applied correctly. With medical training plus clinical and fitness experience, I can sort through the research to find quality studies that are relevant to your situation, and advise you on the implications for your own journey. 


Life is... real. Health should be a priority, but sometimes it falls behind other things out of necessity or even by choice! Living well doesn't mean perfection. If your healthy lifestyle completely takes over your life, it's hard to enjoy the health that you've acquired. I seek balance for myself and my clients. By making healthy choices MOST of the time, you can relax and enjoy when life leads you off track occasionally, all the while knowing you have the tools to get right back at it afterwards!


Evolution is a process. It's made of small changes over time that build on each other to produce development and growth. Moreover, it doesn't go backwards! Regardless of your end goal, your program will involve easily-implemented changes that will propel you forward towards greater improvement over time. If you stay the course, you will develop habits and discipline that outlast short-term motivation to avoid losing ground. This will result in the long term changes that support your own EVOLUTION! 



We have all experienced the nagging aches and pain associated with trying to stay healthy and fit. Unfortunately, most of us have also experienced situations when those nagging injuries become more severe, hampering our ability to stay consistent with a workout routine, or even worse, keeping us from working out altogether. With our Concierge Wellness program you will no longer have to worry about injuries preventing you from achieving your goals!

As physical therapists, we have the ability to recognize symptoms that are more serious than your typical aches and pains. We can identify the problem early and address it before it significantly impacts your performance. Typically, we can treat the injury while you continue to work toward your health and fitness goals. In the rare occasion where your injury is more severe and you need to take some time off, we will do everything we can to expedite your recovery so your down time is minimized.

We are a fully equipped physical therapy practice capable of treating all musculoskeletal/orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions. 

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