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Self-Pay PT Services

Direct Access To The Care You Deserve

Ongoing changes in our healthcare system have unfortunately led to a decrease in coverage and accessibility of care for many people.  Providers and even patients have realized that insurance-driven care is not always the best option. In fact, insurance restrictions and oversight can actually limit your physical therapist's ability to provide the care you need.  

Insurance companies commonly restrict access to physical therapy by: (1) limiting the number of physical therapy visits you can use each year, (2) requiring a physician referral to use your PT benefits, (3) requiring pre-authorization prior to or during treatment, (4) limiting your course of treatment based on a third-party medical reviewer, and (5) refusing to cover certain PT services.  


Direct access through our self-pay program eliminates these restrictions and delays.  It gives you full access to the physical therapy treatment you need, whenever you need it.  It also eliminates insurance oversight, giving you and your therapist full control over your treatment. Our self-pay program is simply a flat rate fee per visit, and allows you and your therapist to direct your care to best meet your unique needs.


No Referral Needed, No Waiting, No Visit Limit, No Pre-authorization, No Treatment Restrictions

Less Hassle, Quicker Recovery

Your shoulder won't stop aching after the flag football game last weekend, your knee is swollen after the soccer game last night, or your back just won't stop hurting after all that yardwork.  Why go through the rigmarole of making an appointment with a physician, waiting to get in, and paying for the office visit only to be referred to PT in the end?  Why not save time and money by coming directly to us at Choice PT?  We will perform a thorough evaluation to determine if your injury can be appropriately managed by physical therapy alone.  If not, we will get you to the correct healthcare specialist immediately, but most of the time we can effectively treat the injury in our office.  Especially in acute cases like these, the sooner treatment begins, the sooner you'll be back to normal!


Complete Control Over Your Care

In today's healthcare system insurance companies often dictate the care you receive. They can limit the number of treatment sessions you are allowed, refuse to pay for some services, and even determine what treatment is and isn't "medically necessary." In fact, insurance companies often have more control over your care than the healthcare providers that are treating you. Ultimately, the insurance oversight can prevent you from receiving the care you need. Our self-pay program eliminates the influence of insurance companies, allowing you and your therapist to call the shots. Without insurance restrictions and caveats, you can immediately and consistently receive the care you need to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

Continue Treatment After Insurance Benefits Have Been Exhausted

Having to stop treatment before your symptoms have fully resolved is not ideal. Your symptoms can return, and an acute problem may even become a chronic issue. Unfortunately, most insurance companies limit physical therapy treatment to a certain number of visits each year. Once you meet your PT visit limit they will not cover additional treatment regardless of your needs. If this happens to you, our Self-Pay program will allow you to continue with the treatment you need until you feel you are ready for discharge. 

Follow-Up Care After Discharge

In some cases, maintaining regular follow-up visits with us after "discharge" can be very beneficial. For example, you may want our continued guidance as you advance your home exercise program, or you might feel that periodic treatment will help keep your chronic condition manageable. Unfortunately, once you have achieved certain goals, your insurance will consider additional treatment "maintenance care," and they will not pay for it. Our self-pay program allows you to continue seeing us if you find yourself needing or wanting to follow-up after reaching this status. 

Accessible Care For Your High-Deductible Insurance Plan

Extremely high deductibles are becoming common. In some cases, people have such a high deductible that they end up paying out-of-pocket for most, if not all, of their annual healthcare costs.  If you have a high deductible that you are unlikely to meet, our self-pay program could actually save you money.  The path to seeing a physical therapist can be a long and costly one. Typically, it starts with the cost of a visit to your primary care doctor, and can potentially include other costs such as seeing a specialist, trying prescription meds, and even undergoing imaging such as x-rays or an MRI. These steps are often unnecessary and extremely costly. In fact, the cost of your entire course of physical therapy treatment is likely to be significantly less than paying for all the steps it sometimes takes just to get here. Why not save the money by coming directly to us?  If we feel you need to see a physician for any reason, we will not hesitate to get you to the correct specialist, but most of the time we will be able to effectively treat you in our office, saving you time and money! 

Save Insurance Visits For A Planned Procedure 

You're having a knee replacement or other planned surgery later this year, but now your lower back won't stop hurting. You know you'll need to use the maximum amount of PT allowed by your insurance to recover from your upcoming surgery, but you'd really like to have your current pain resolved in the meantime.  Our Self-Pay program allows just that: full access to the treatment you need now, without using any of the visits you know you'll need later.  We can even give you some tips to help you prepare for your upcoming procedure!


Flat Rate per Visit

Self-pay treatment is billed at a flat rate for the initial evaluation and a lower rate for each treatment session thereafter. Our rate guarantees you at least 45 minutes of one-on-one treatment time with a licensed therapist and also covers the cost of any medical supplies.


    Headaches, Degenerative Disk or Joint Disease, TMJ Dysfunction or Jaw pain, Facet Joint Syndrome, Cervical Radiculopathy (Disk Bulge or Herniation), Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Myofascial Pain (Muscle/tissue tightness, tenderness, and/or trigger points), Post-Surgical Rehab, Torticollis, Tinnitus (ringing in ears)
    Rotator Cuff Injuries, Tendinitis and Bursitis, Impingement Syndrome, Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder), Scapular Dysfunction, Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow), Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer's Elbow), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Radial Nerve Entrapment, DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis, Post-Surgical Rehab including Rotator Cuff Repair and Total Shoulder Replacement
    Sciatica, Acute and Chronic Lower Back Pain, Degenerative Disk or Joint Disease, SI Joint Dysfunction, Sprains and Strains, Lumbar Radiculopathy (Disk Bulge or Herniation), Stenosis, Facet Syndrome, Myofascial Pain, Scoliosis and Abnormal Spinal Curves, Postural and Core Weakness/Instability, Post-Surgical Rehab
    Total Knee and Total Hip Joint Replacements (before and after surgery), Tendinitis and Bursitis, IT Band Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia and Neuroma, Muscle Strains or Tears, Piriformis Syndrome, Patella Tendinitis or Jumper's Knee, Shin Splints, Knee and Ankle Sprains, Meniscus Injuries, Muscle Insufficiencies or Imbalances, Patella-Femoral Dysfunction, Chondromalacia Patella, Post-Surgical Rehab including ACL and Meniscus Repairs
    Post-stroke or mini-stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Gait and Balance Disorders, Vestibular disorders, Vertigo (BPPV), Frequent falls
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