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The delivery of physical therapy services has changed dramatically over the past decade. Too many clinics are now sacrificing quality of care in favor of increased productivity. Treatment is routinely delegated to unqualified support staff, and patients are often juggled between multiple therapists. Unfortunately, these substandard practices often result in poor treatment outcomes, which prevent the patient from reaching their goal of returning to their normal life without pain or other limitations.


Concerned by the declining practice standards, we decided it was time to make a change. We opened Choice PT with a mission to do things differently. We operate on the simple principle of putting patient care above profits.


What does this mean for you? To begin, every aspect of your care will be handled by an experienced, licensed physical therapist who is truly invested in your care. In addition, you will be treated by the same therapist at every visit, which is essential to achieving optimal treatment outcomes. Finally, we will not allow your insurance to dictate your care. You will receive the care you deserve regardless of your insurance benefits.


We sincerely feel our high treatment standards are necessary to achieve the results you deserve. We hope you will explore our site to learn more about our practice and what sets us apart from other clinics. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!



We believe one-on-one treatment and true continuity of care is essential to ensuring you achieve your treatment goals.


At Choice PT, we do not double book or overlap appointments. This means your therapist will not be juggling multiple patients during your treatment session. This allows your therapist to focus solely on your needs, while providing the hands-on treatment necessary to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. 


You will also be seen by the same therapist throughout your entire course of treatment. This is critical since continuity of care is proven to result in improved treatment outcomes and reduced number of treatment visits.





Choice Physical Therapy is a private practice consisting of independent physical therapists who share a common goal of providing the personalized, quality care that has been lost in today's healthcare system.  Each therapist has extensive experience in outpatient rehabilitation, with the clinical knowledge and treatment skills necessary to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your injury or condition.


As independent practitioners with no affiliation to other healthcare providers or organizations, the therapists at Choice PT have no guaranteed referral sources.  Their success lies solely in their ability to consistently deliver exceptional results by providing unparalleled patient care. In other words, the success of our therapists - and our practice - depends on your success as a patient.





In today's world of corporate medicine, profitability is often valued over patient care. In fact, in the corporate model, productivity requirements and insurance benefits often dictate a patient's care. This has many adverse affects on treatment outcomes, often preventing the patient from achieving their goals.  


This WILL NOT be the case at Choice PT. Instead, we schedule patients for 45 minute one-on-one treatment sessions, ensuring your therapist will have the time necessary to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your injury or condition. In addition, our therapists treat hands-on, meaning you will not simply be given an exercise program. Instead, your therapist will provide the manual therapy that is often critical in alleviating pain and restoring function.  


You are the reason we are here. Our mission is to restore the patient-provider relationship that has been lost in today's healthcare environment and to provide you with the individualized treatment necessary to achieve your goal of a pain-free, active lifestyle.


Whether you would like to make an appointment or just have a question, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below and we will reply to you shortly.

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